Wristbands for children

All parents know it, assuring their children’s safety is uncompromising. Whether it is during a popular event, on the beach, in a swimming pool or in an outdoor centre, nobody can avoid the risk of losing one’s child by accident. This is why in order to anticipate this danger and reassure parents and their children VIP®Band has been making and selling safety wristbands for children.


Due to their adjustable closure, our bracelets perfectly match with children’s morphology, whatever their age. Our kids ID wristbands are available in many colours and writable with an indelible pen. Parents can write on them their contact information, such as their mobile phone number.


19mm wide Tyvek® wristbands for children | Strong & safe, perfect for all kinds of kids activities | pre-printed image with text fields to write a name and phone number

Ident-A-Kids is the brand new wristband for the safety of children. This lightweightwaterproof and non-stretch wristband offers maximum security to parents that put the safety of their children above everything else.