Nightclub and Party wristbands
Custom party wristbands are a classy way to promote your party venue, control access and value your sponsors. Make full use of their customisation possibilities and turn them into a secure, stylish and efficient tool to protect your revenue. At the same time, your guests might appreciate your custom wristband as a memorabilia even a long time after the party!
party holographic wristbands Holographic wristbands
  • Shiny effects
  • Single-use closure
  • Perfect for parties
party tyvek wristbands Tyvek wristbands 19/25 mm
  • Tyvek = untearable paper
  • Single-use adhesive closure
  • Best quality / price ratio
party vinyl wristbands Vinyl wristbands
  • Highly fashionable
  • Designed for multi-day use
  • Fully customisable
party glow bands Glow bands
  • Bend it and it glows
  • Can be used as a stick or wristband

Holographic wristbands

  • Special effects: glitter, brushed metal, stars, pixellated and broken glass
  • Great for your VIP guests
  • Available in several colours

Tyvek wristbands

  • Our best selling wristband, cost effective and untearable
  • Includes an adhesive closure
  • Fully customisable and can include your own text, logo or custom artwork

Vinyl wristbands

  • Perfect for events identification and staff
  • Can be supplied plain or printed to compliment your brand

Glow bands

  • Glow bands are very popular at concerts, discos and bars. They create a party atmosphere quickly and easily at a low price. To activate them, you just need to bend the glow product, then shake. The band will become luminous within a few seconds